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Protect expensive Fleet batteries from damage caused by opportunity charging

Fleet Managers, OEMs, Dealers and Battery Manufacturers often hear things like “the battery is not lasting as long as it should” or “the battery charger isn’t working properly”, sometimes sites don’t rotate batteries properly, or claim more batteries are required on site than is really necessary.


Fleet batteries can fail, or perform below expectation, due to inappropriate use or repeated opportunity charging. End users will claim they don’t do it, but it does happen.  Opportunity charging creates overly high temperatures inside the battery, causing chemical imbalance and premature ageing of an expensive item that should last for many years, often resulting in early and unnecessary replacement of batteries and battery chargers.

Intelligent battery monitoring with Acuity® (and the resulting appropriate charging methods) will not only prevent battery life being cut short, it may extend it also. Acuity® is an on battery device designed to measure, record and transmit performance data throughout the life of the battery, helping Fleet Managers identify where a battery is being subjected to practice or conditions for which it was not intended.

Mounted directly on an industrial, lead-acid battery, this simple, non-invasive (no drilling) solution gathers accurate battery information for the life of the battery to improve productivity and operating efficiency – all with significant impact on the bottom line.

Fleet managers will know the true state-of-charge, whether the battery has been operated according to warranty terms, and whether the battery is being used correctly and efficiently. Data gathered from the battery can be viewed, analysed and stored with the AcuSet Software.

Acuity® integrates easily with other Curtis CAN devices like speed controllers and the full range of colour enGage dash displays which means accurate battery information is immediately available to equipment users.

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