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Landfleet Leicester administrators seek court order to obtain company records

  • 22 April 2014
  • By Chris Tindall

Administrators of a Leicester haulage firm said they had been forced to turn to the courts to secure vital company records after the director refused to give them up when his business collapsed.

Landfleet Leicester appointed insolvency practitioners from PCR in September 2013, but they quickly encountered difficulties when director Andrew Patterson made three offers to purchase the business, each lower than the previous one (CM 21 November 2013).

The administrators then attended the trading site, but they said they were not provided with the records they needed to secure the company’s position or “understand the company’s financial situation.”

In their latest report to creditors, PCR said they were eventually granted an order that Landfleet’s computers were delivered to them, but they were missing certain information.

“Further steps were taken through the court and we have now secured the books and records of the company,” it stated.

Landfleet Leicester was established in 2006 and was primarily involved in general haulage and groupage work.

It had a licence to operate 10 HGVs and 15 trailers out of a Leicester operating centre.

According to the report, the company had 13 unsecured creditors and claims from them so far total more than £370,000.

The report added: “During our period as joint administrators we have undertaken an investigation into the events leading up to liquidation to establish whether any civil recovery proceedings can be pursued for the benefits of the creditors. At this stage, disclosure of the investigation could prejudice any claims we have.”

Patterson, who is also a director of a property company that was the landlord of Landfleet Leicester, did not respond.


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