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Facebook page tackles freight crime problem

  • 21 April 2014
  • By Roger Brown

Stoke-on-Trent haulier Barry Proctor has set up a Facebook page allowing drivers to post details about freight crime perpetrated against them.

The boss of Barry Proctor Services told that the community page – Truckers Against Freight Crime – lets drivers report incidents involving stolen vehicles, trailers, loads, fuel theft, vandalism and curtain slashing. They can also share details such as the area or road the incident happened, as well as descriptions, registration numbers and relevant photos.

Proctor explained that hauliers can also post recommendations regarding safe parking areas and secure truckstops.

He said: “We set the page up two weeks ago and have not had a day without a report of a crime against a truck. In relation to truck crime, I did not realise the extent of the problem until we set up the Facebook page.

“We have lots of initiatives planned, including printed leaflets, mugs and vehicle stickers that we will distribute at truck shows and truckstops.”

Truckers Against Freight Crime has more than 1,800 likes on Facebook.

Proctor, who serves on the Road Haulage Association’s security committee, believes the website can assist and complement the recently reformed Truckpol organisation.

The dedicated road freight crime police division closed in 2012, but was revived last month by the National Business Crime Solution. Proctor added: “We are sending reports to Truckpol with information from our website and are keen to help as much as possible. Drivers are the eyes and ears of the road and can help beat this problem”


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