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London’s Industrial HGV Task Force set to continue indefinitely

  • 19 April 2014
  • By Robin Meczes

More than seven out of 10 construction and waste industry trucks stopped in London by the Industrial HGV Task Force (IHTF), an intelligence-led operation, since October have been non-compliant, Transport for London (TfL) has revealed.

In a report on the six-month IHTF trial, TfL said 72% of the construction and waste trucks stopped in mainly targeted stops in London in the first six months were non-compliant and 66% of the HGVs seized during its operations were accounted for by such vehicles.

Of 919 construction and waste vehicles stopped, 441 attracted roadworthiness prohibitions, 83 were given drivers’ hours prohibitions, nine were given overweight prohibitions, and 16 were seized.

Within the construction vehicles stopped were eight volumetric mixers, only one of which was found to be compliant with all relevant legislation, said the report.

The Task Force – which began operating in October last year and includes officers from the Met Police, City of London Police and the DVSA – stopped a total of 1,960 HGVs in the period, issuing 519 fixed penalty notices and seizing 24 vehicles in all.

Fixed penalty notices were issued for various driver and vehicle related infringements including bald tyres, defective steering and brakes, and use of mobile phones while driving. The 24 vehicles seized were detained for offences including driving without insurance and driving not in accordance with
a licence.

In its first six months, the IHTF team issued more than 800 roadworthiness prohibitions in all for construction and use offences and over 130 drivers’ hours prohibitions. It has also progressed 15 prosecutions through the courts.

TfL has now confirmed the IHTF will continue indefinitely. “The task force has carried out some sterling work raising the profile of road safety and deterring dangerous vehicles from London. Making it a regular fixture on our streets makes perfect sense,” said mayor Boris Johnson about the decision.

“The number of dangerous goods vehicles that have been stopped and fined underlines just now necessary it is for work to continue,” added transport minister Stephen Hammond.



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