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Philadelphia Scientific announces the “iBOS® Lite” Battery Operating System

Philadelphia Scientific, The Lean Battery Room Experts™, has introduced iBOS Lite. iBOS Lite is the latest addition to the company’s industry-leading line of intelligent battery room management systems.

iBOS_LiteA poorly-run forklift truck battery room creates waste throughout the entire warehouse, which leads to higher operating expenses and asset costs. Operating expenses increase because batteries with low capacities mean shorter truck run time and more trips to the battery room. Battery maintenance takes longer than it should, and more time is spent changing or watering batteries than working productively. An unnecessarily high number of units in the battery room uses up valuable space too.

iBOS Lite is Philadelphia Scientific’s latest addition to its Lean Battery Room suite of products, processes and services, designed to eliminate such waste and bring immediate productivity and cost saving benefits.

Operators of large fleets of fork-lift trucks are already familiar with the efficiency and cost advantages the iBOS system brings to their battery room.

iBOS Lite now opens up many of these benefits to managers of fleets of 5-50 chargers. For industrial forklift operators, the new iBOS Lite takes the guesswork out of choosing the right battery. A bright blue LED indicates to the operator which battery is fully charged and is the most cooled down, and therefore best to select. iBOS Lite is easier to use than other battery room management systems and is a cost-competitive solution, typically paying for itself in a few months.

iBOS Lite offers simplified and directed battery selection that saves money in three ways:

1. Faster battery changes: warehouse personnel can save two to five minutes per change.

2. Less frequent battery changes: the number of battery changes can be reduced by 10 to 20 %, increasing productivity.

3. Longer battery life: iBOS Lite can increase battery life by six months due to longer battery cool down times and more even battery usage; and longer battery life results in fewer battery purchases each year.

Each iBOS Lite controller can manage up to 50 chargers for each battery type, using simplified controller and monitoring technology. It is compatible with all makes and types of chargers.

anvYFRcxC3MJiBOS Lite is one member of the family of solutions in the Lean Battery Room. Philadelphia Scientific will be showcasing the Lean Battery Room at CeMAT 2014, Hannover from May19th-23rd.

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