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Go double-deep to save your business money

For the majority of warehousing facilities, capacity is a major issue. Space is at a premium and wasted space costs money. This makes it very important, both for efficiency and for the bottom line, to make the best use of the available space.


There are many methods of storing pallets and products in a warehouse, all with different virtues depending on the products being stored and the company’s operational requirements. There is, however, one storage system that combines extremely efficient space utilisation with excellent pallet availability, whilst using cost-effective and flexible handling equipment.

Double Deep Storage

Double-Deep storage uses up to 30% less space than conventional storage systems by allowing pallets to be stored four deep between each pair of aisles, essentially removing one aisle for every four runs of racking. It is an ideal system for storage spaces where stock moves quickly and making the most of the space available is more important than 100% pallet selectivity.

To operate a Double-Deep system requires a purpose-built telescopic forklift truck. The UMS-TF UHD-TF UHX-TF ATF XTF range of Atlet reach trucks gives the additional benefit of increased height, load capacity and technology, allowing them to function in a smaller operating space.


Optimising storage space using Double-Deep racking, or other racking options, helps to save money by making better use of the area available, avoiding having to extend warehouses, moving to bigger premises or having off-site storage. Not only can it help minimise warehouse costs, but increasing storage density can help reduce costs elsewhere, such as transport for off-site storage.

Atlet is acknowledged as the world leader in Double-Deep Storage applications and is a pioneer in the development of telescopic-fork reach trucks. As well as offering a range of purpose-built trucks for Double-Deep storage.

If you want to know more about how to use this system to save space in your warehouse, please get in touch.


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