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Beware of third-party driving licence renewal sites

  • 07 April 2014
  • By Chris Druce

The boss of a haulage firm duped into paying more than he needed to for a licence renewal has warned others to double-check that they are using the official DVLA website.

CM was contacted last week by the MD of a West Country haulier, who wishes to remain anonymous, after he renewed his HGV licence through what he believed to be the official DVLA website (

Having spent 15 minutes filling out all the required information (including passport and National Insurance numbers), his licence duly arrived a week later.

However, when he checked his credit card statement he found he had been charged £70 rather than the standard £20.

When he challenged the charge with the DVLA, he was informed that he had inadvertently used a third-party website, not its official one, and no refund would therefore be issued.

It isn’t illegal for third-party websites to offer such a service, nor are they hard to find.

After a quick search, CM found driving,,, and

This was reiterated by a spokesman at the DVLA who, while confirming the agency takes lots of phone calls from disgruntled people claiming they have been overcharged, said: “The Office of Fair Trading has ruled that websites that charge additional fees and services are not acting illegally.”

The police’s Action Fraud team also confirmed that it would act on the collection of personal data only if an identity fraud had occurred as a consequence.

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