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TVH welcomes President Obama to Waregem

On Wednesday 26 March President Obama will visit the American military cemetery in Waregem, a great honour for the city and its inhabitants. In response to this visit, TVH will provide a playful welcoming with a specially adapted image along the E17.


TVH, the global player in the field of material handling, also has strong ties with America through its second headquarters in the USA. The company will transfer a personal message to President Obama along the motorway. This time not via their well-known billboard but through a ledwall of 5 metres wide and 2,5 metres high that will be placed on top of 2 containers. The screen will feature an image of a lift truck with the question ‘Need a lift, President Obama?’. The Stars Stripes-decorated fence along the motorway will draw the attention to the image.

TVH completely prepared

Every day TVH ships nearly 6000 parcels to destinations all over the world, with a receipt within 24 hours for European customers and within 48 hours for the rest of the world. Thanks to the early announcement of the distinguished visit and the corresponding measures, the company is fully prepared. All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that customers will also receive their parcels in time on Thursday. And even the 1200 employees at TVH Waregem received the necessary instructions to reach work without problems.

TVH is fully confident that all day-to-day actions will be able to take place as usual next Wednesday. Whether President Obama will have effectively seen the personal message on the ledwall, wasn’t known at the time when this message went to press.

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