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Birmingham 20mph speed limit gets the green light

  • 24 March 2014
  • By Ashleigh Wight

Plans to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit across Birmingham city centre have been given the green light.

Councillors at Birmingham City Council voted to go-ahead with the controversial proposals, despite opposition from the majority of consultation respondents last year.

Of the 3,565 people who responded to the public consultation, which took place between October and November, 58% were against the plans.

The proposals were also considered unnecessary by local hauliers last year, who pointed out that the average speed on the city’s roads means that a 20mph limit is not needed.

The limit expected to be introduced gradually over the next seven years. The council is still considering the exact area for the speed limit and will be subject to another local consultation later this year.

Councillor James McKay said: “Better safety for all road users is the inspiration behind our plans, and the other positive spin-offs are a bonus- but we accept that there are still significant numbers of people who remain to be convinced.”


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