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Level-headed design

With a number of developers returning to spec builds, one of the key design elements for loading bays is the flexibility to adapt to a variety of operations and vehicle types. This adds to both a building’s appeal to tenants and its long term sustainability.


More recently the rise of e-tail has led to a greater need to load vans and smaller trucks. While some larger operators have developed cross-docks that unload trucks on one side and load vans on another, this is not a practical solution for all.

The use of longer dock levellers has proved an effective option that allows bays to safely work with a wider range of vehicle heights but with vans, in particular, width can be an issue. To address this, Hörmann has developed the HTLV 3 dock leveller with three part telescopic lip.

In normal use the entire width of the lip can be continuously extended and to all intents and purposes is a conventional dock leveller. However, a simple switch on the control panel lets you extend only the centre section of the lip, making it ideal for smaller vans.

An intelligent hydraulic system ensures that the lip remains correctly positioned as the van is loaded. The system provides the necessary weight compensation and follows any movement as the van lowers on its suspension during loading.

Automatic emergency stop valves are standard and, as with all Hörmann dock levellers, two hydraulic cylinders ensure balanced, reliable and, most importantly, safe operation.

The HTLV 3 is one of a number of options that Hörmann has developed to meet the logistics industry’s needs, as it continues to extend its range of products and services.

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