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It’s alive! TruckPol is brought back to life by partnership

  • 06 March 2014
  • By Christopher Walton

TruckPol, the dedicated road freight crime police division that closed in 2012 after its funding was cut by the government, has been revived by the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS).

The NBCS is a not-for-profit public/private partnership that will now work with freight and logistics companies, as well as local constabularies, developing data on truck crime.

The TruckPol relaunch begins today (6 March), with it contacting every chief constable in the country to request the supply of freight crime data.

Catherine Bowen, policy and stakeholder director at NBCS, said: “The success of TruckPol is dependent on having a regular and consistent flow of crime data from both the police and the industry.”

The Road Haulage Association (RHA), which fought against its closure in 2012, welcomed the relaunch. RHA security manager Chrys Rampley said: “Since the closure of TruckPol in 2012, the industry has received little or no intelligence on freight and haulage crime trends or hotspots. We are excited to get TruckPol back up and running to strengthen the fight against freight and business crime.”

Operators have also welcomed the news. Mike Marshall, security director at Yodel, said that by syndicating data, the industry could protect itself better and “gain traction from the police to investigate what is in many cases organised crime groups operating across many forces”.Truckpol

John Traynor, director of Security at TNT UK, said: “Integrating TruckPol into the NBCS is the right thing to do,
as this will further enhance the information and intelligence sharing.”

Haulage and logistics crime data will be submitted to the NBCS before being analysed and disseminated to other participating business members locally, regionally, nationally or by sector. It provides a similar service for the retail industry.


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