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New service aims to keep fleet owners at full capacity

Fleet-reliant businesses whose vehicles fall foul of hazardously wet driving conditions this spring, can now access a new service set up by accident management specialist Winn Group.


Chris Birkett, Sales Director at Winn Assist

The national company, which is the UK’s leading specialist in handling road traffic accidents for people who have been injured or inconvenienced, is now offering a new service for businesses with vehicle fleets.

By becoming a fleet partner, businesses whose vehicles are involved in an accident will be able to rely on Winn Group’s Winn Assist division to manage the entire post-accident process.

Ultimately they will have the assurance that their fleets are back to full capacity as fast and efficiently as possible after an accident.

As well as Winn’s team of specialist solicitors, they will also be able to take advantage of Winn’s extensive network of repairers, vehicle hire companies and medical services.

As spring gets underway, road conditions can be at their most treacherous, with icy conditions persisting in some parts of the country, while others are hit with heavy rainfall and flooding.

Spring timeis also when the number of pot holes on the road tend to increase as temperatures rise.

Winn’s comprehensive, 24/7 fleet service aims to minimise the impact an accident has on its business clients.

Chris Birkett, sales director at Winn Assist, said: “For many businesses, keeping their fleets working at full capacity is essential to their survival and success.

“At the end of winter, when roads are particularly treacherous and conditions can significantly slow down logistics and increase journey times, it is even more important. We aim to protect businesses from the added upheaval of dealing with an accident and to make sure they continue to trade and service their customers as normal, without denting their profits.”

Fleet partners have access to a one-stop-shop for accident management, with cutting edge software enabling around-the-clock case tracking.

If drivers or passengers are involved in a non-fault accident Winn will claim repairs, a replacement vehicle and medical costs, as well as compensation, directly from the other party’s insurers.

Vehicles are fully repaired using manufacturer parts at a reputable repairer of the partner’s choice, including specialist taxi repairs.

A like-for-like vehicle is provided as a replacement during repairs and rapid medical assistance is offered to ensure drivers and passengers receive the best care possible and recover swiftly from accidents.

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