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DFDS Logistics acquires STEF Transport’s activities in Scotland and Newlyn

DFDS Logistics has acquired STEF Transport Ltd’s activities in Scotland and Newlyn. The activities will be merged into DFDS Logistics. In France, DFDS Logistics has sold its activities in Boulogne to STEF who will in the future handle our distribution in France.

We are very pleased to inform you that today, DFDS Logistics entered into an agreement with the STEF Group to acquire their temperature controlled business  in Scotland and Newlyn, STEF Transport Ltd. This means that the STEF’s employees and services in Bellshill, Aberdeen and Newlyn will in the future be part of DFDS Logistics and use the DFDS Logistics name.

STEF Transport Ltd. employs 32 people and DFDS Logistics employs 60 people.

There are clear benefits from joining forces with STEF Transport Ltd. Integrating the STEF business will enable DFDS Logistics to provide our customers with a greater variety of services and a much stronger network of services both within the UK and into continental Europe. The facilities in Bellshill and Larkhall are very similar and combining the operations will create more efficient operations and new opportunities for developing our services to meet future market requirements.

As part of the same transaction, DFDS Logistics has agreed to sell its Boulogne activities to STEF. In its place we have entered into a distribution agreement with STEF whereby they will provide services from Boulogne to continental Europe. However, DFDS Logistics will maintain a small office in Boulogne.

Eddie Green, Executive Vice President and Head of DFDS Logistics, comments: “The relationship with our customers will continue unchanged, but I am very pleased that we have been able to consolidate our services into a much stronger network. This will help us develop and provide the services that are crucial for our customers’ opportunities in the future, in a more demanding market.”

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