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Bespoke doesn’t always mean expensive especially where The Rack Group are concerned

The Rack Group Ltd has increased its efforts in 2014 and doubled its armour to prepare for another year of battling pallet racking repair costs. The chainmail has been added to an already impressive arsenal of products and services designed to save their customers from costly repair bills.


So what’s lurking in The Rack Group’s armouries?

First of all it is imperative pallet racking damage is found in the first place. This is why The Rack Group offer racking inspections. Inspecting the racking allows The Rack Group to identify any potential damage or hazards that need to be monitored or rectified in good time. Identifying damage early before it worsens can make a major difference in a company’s overall repair bill.

The Rack Group use digital pen technology to aid them in their inspections. This allows the inspection to be written down electronically as the inspector is carrying out the inspection. Once the inspection is complete a hard copy is left on site.

As well as determining the damage, racking inspections give The Rack Group other important information such as;

•    How many Fork Lift Trucks operate in the warehouse

•    Areas where damage particularly occurs

•    Number of pallets moved per week / per month / per year

This information is very important because it determines how frequently the site needs to be inspected and shows the procedures already in place in regard to working safely around the racking.

After the inspection has been complete The Rack Group will produce a quote for the repair works to bring the site back to the desired standard. Two quotes will be presented, one using like for like replacement parts, the other using repair materials bespoke to The Rack Group.

It seems unnecessary to have to replace the whole component when it might only be a small fraction that is damaged. However this is no longer the case. Using bespoke repair materials, uprights, bracing and even welded frames can be repaired without having to replace the whole component. I know what you’re thinking; bespoke sounds expensive, well, it’s really not. The bespoke materials are a fraction of the price of having to replace a whole upright or welded frame.

Let’s take a welded frame for example which costs approximately £500 new. This is a breakdown of what is needed and some prices repairing using conventional methods;

• £500 for a new frame

• Cost of plant hire

• Time taken to offload stock and relocate

• Damaged area of warehouse out of commission for two days

Now compare this to using The Rack Group’s specialist repair material;

• £40 for repair material

• No plant hire needed

• No need to offload and relocate stock

• Repair takes 40 minutes to complete

As you can see there are huge cost savings to be made by using The Rack Group for your repairs. This comparison was made carrying out one repair; just imagine the impact when carrying out multiple repairs?

The inspections and repairs are the first two aspects of what The Rack Group call their Rack Aid Management System. This system is made up of racking inspections, repairs using bespoke materials, training on how to work around pallet racking and how to inspect racking and Rack Armour, the world’s best pallet racking protection product.

The-Rack-Group-Ltd-No-ShadowRack Armour has been the world’s preferred pallet racking protector since September 2003 and is growing year after year. Constantly looking to improve and diverse into new markets Rack Armour has been at the forefront of plastic racking protection right from the start.

Rack Armour makes up the third piece of the cake that is the Rack Aid Management System, reducing pallet racking damage by as much as 80%. Not only does it save on costly repair bills but reduces the risk of injury or other dangerous scenarios occurring around pallet racking.

The final piece of the jigsaw is Rack Training, which plays a crucial part in the Rack Aid Management system. Statistics show 99% of all racking damage is caused by Fork Lift Trucks; however it’s the people operating the trucks who are the real culprits. Training Fork Lift operators on how to operate around racking will stop the damage altogether and create a safe working environment throughout the warehouse.

As well as training to avoid damage it’s also vitally important to train members of the warehouse staff or management team to be able to spot the damage. Determining the level of damage and whether it needs to be offloaded immediately or monitored is crucial information that needs to be recorded down and documented. This ensures conformity to the Health and Safety Act 1974 and ensures your employees are working in a safe working environment.

Rack Training Ltd, part of The Rack Group umbrella offer each of these training courses as well as full accredited NVQ’s in the installation, maintenance and inspection of pallet racking. These qualifications are the first of their kind for the industry and carry great benefits to employees and employers.

All of the elements discussed have been carefully created and developed over the years for one purpose, to drive down costs on racking repair and make sure companies are conforming to Health and Safety legislations, whilst ensuring a safe working environment for their employees.

The Rack Group Ltd

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