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Agricultural hauliers call for tougher farm tractor enforcement

  • 18 February 2014
  • By Hayley Pink

Agricultural hauliers have backed calls for tougher enforcement in the wake of government plans to relax weight limits and increase the speed tractors can travel at on public roads.

Mark Easton, director at G Easton Son, told CM it is essential hauliers are not disadvantaged and that public safety is not sacrificed in the “pursuit of cheaper food”.

Easton, who comes from an arable farming family, runs a haulage business operating four tippers on beet and grain deliveries, as well as 15 milk tankers.

He said: “Annual testing of agricultural tractors and trailers operating at 31 tonnes should be mandatory, as should regular servicing at six- to eight-week intervals.

“Enforcement will need to be effective and include roadside checks for roadworthiness. Consideration should be given to the penalties for non-compliance. Hauliers risk their O-licence. What will agricultural operators risk?”

Owner-driver Vernon Hill, who comes from an agricultural background, said he understood the farming industry’s need to update regulations to enhance productivity.

“However, it becomes an issue when heavier weights are involved, as there will be an imbalance as farmers do not have to comply with the same regulations as hauliers.”


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