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Varlink supplies Janam Technologies’ enterprise class rugged computing handheld range

Varlink, the specialist distributor of mobile computing and data capture products, supplies Janam Technologies’ enterprise class rugged computing handheld range. Janam specialises in providing purpose built products suited for mission critical workforce management, healthcare and warehousing solutions, where networking, barcode scanning and real-time data management are key requirements.


Combining deep industry knowledge with advanced technology, Janam delivers products that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Ranging from batch to WLAN to WWAN, the Janam range at Varlink has something to suit most customer requirements, from their XP Palm OS to the XM, XG and the new XT Series Windows based enterprise class mobile terminals.

Workers out in the field require a rugged handheld terminal that allows them to capture data in real-time at the point of activity. The XT85 SIM enabled device brings together best-in-class technology in a fully-rugged yet compact form factor. Not only does the XT85 have 3G, but also 4G capabilities, meaning that you can capture, transmit and process data whilst out in the field. The device also has built in GPS and Bluetooth to improve communications between field staff and central locations and therefore ensures that the mobile workforce are connected, creating a more efficient workforce. The 5.0 megapixel camera with user controllable LED flash and autofocus enhances on the move productivity, while offering the ability to capture details along the way. The Motorola laser scanner or Honeywell 1D/2D Adaptus imaging technology adds another dimension to the XT85’s data capture abilities. The device is sealed to IP65 and withstands multiple 1.5m drops, providing an extremely rugged handheld for workforce management.

The Windows Mobile, CE or Linux-based XG is a powerful tool that delivers state-of-the-art computing performance in an exceptionally rugged gun-shaped mobile computer. Janam’s XG Series is designed for scan-intensive, extended shift use in demanding environments, ideal for warehousing and distribution centre applications. The Series includes the XG100 with Honeywell’s Adaptus® imaging technology and the XG105 with Motorola’s SE965 high-performance laser scan engine that can read barcodes as far as 17ft away. The devices industrial grade construction enables full functionality in the most hostile operating environments. The XG Series is sealed to IP64 and can withstand multiple 1.8m drops to concrete on all sides across a full temperature range. The device even has a vibrator alert for successful scan notification in noisy environments.

The sleek ergonomics of the XG range creates a wide profile for larger keys without adding unnecessary weight and has a 3.7” screen. Designed to be light, the powerful battery is in the handle, meaning it’s evenly balanced in the hand.

Janam.logoThe XM Series is a range of feature rich handheld terminals that deliver advanced barcode scanning, robust WLAN communication and long battery life. They are designed for speeding up response times when accuracy and operational efficiency are vital. Sculpted to fit in the hand, the XM Series are the only products in their category that weigh less than 10 ounces and have a full 3.5” display. Sealed to IP54 standards and withstands multiple 4’/1.2m drops to concrete across a wide temperature range, the XM Series is idea for any rigorous environment.

Janam’s 2D scanning solutions enable users to upgrade barcode scanning functionality from 1D to 1D/2D on any device with a simple firmware upgrade. So regardless of the type of barcode, the XM Series offers the flexibility to adapt as business needs change.

Purpose built for maximum performance, the XP Series is lightweight and powerful, designed to support barcode scanning applications and improve productivity. The XP Series fits into a number of different industries, including front and back of store retail applications, as well as any fast paced environment where the user requires a simple and familiar user interface. Not only are the devices sealed to IP54, meaning that it is protected against solid objects of up to 1mm in size and water spray from all directions, they can also survive repeated 1.2m drops to concrete.

Varlink_new_logoEvery element of the product’s form and function has a purpose, for example, the XP20’s custom, bright-white monochrome 160×160 LCD  display was created because it offers the same 160×160 screen resolution as legacy Palm OS products, thereby facilitating application migration across hardware platforms. With Adaptus® Imaging Technology, the XP Series easily reads all types of barcode symbologies including linear, stacked and two dimensional. The XP30 is the world’s first fully-featured mobile computer that scans barcodes and runs the latest version of the Palm OS. For customers who want to extend the reach and capability of their mobile Palm applications, the XP30 has the horsepower to execute mission critical data collection tasks at the point of business activity.

If you would like to know more about the Janam range, details of pricing or request a demo unit, please contact us.


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