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Multi-brand servicing from Hörmann

Hörmann now includes multi-brand servicing as part of its 24/7 repair and maintenance support. Demand from the logistics industry for manufacturer backed service has been growing rapidly as distribution networks have evolved.


Leaner operations that are geared to be more adaptable, as business needs change, rely on more sophisticated loading equipment. Greater integration of the loading bay means that all components, such as doors, dock levellers, traffic control systems and safety devices, in turn need to be operating efficiently at all times. In addition, legislative changes and the commitment that the industry has towards improving safety are key factors leading to this increased demand.

Preventative maintenance is seen as providing a double benefit, since it is part of the safety regime and leads to cost savings, by reducing downtime and extending the life-cycle of equipment. For Hörmann products, extended warranties can be included as a part of service contracts, adding even greater value.

In order to meet this increased need, Hörmann is adding to its team of field service engineers, and investing in even more training to ensure that the high-quality service, that the industry has come to expect from Hörmann, can be extended to all makes of equipment.

Hörmann’s management reporting has also been developed to include this extended offer and can provide almost instant access to the relevant data for insurance and risk assessment requirements.

All routine and emergency cover is recorded on a real-time support system. Field service technicians are linked to the central database through their tablet computers and so have direct access to all the relevant information for any asset that is recorded.

All this investment is geared around providing a much more streamlined service, that can schedule routine maintenance around operational needs and deliver the rapid response needed in the event of a breakdown or accidental damage.

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