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Cause of 150 vehicle Isle of Sheppy pile-up included two HGV drivers

  • 05 February 2014
  • By Chris Tindall

Kent police said it had evidence that two HGV drivers were among 32 motorists that were driving inappropriately for the conditions at the time of the Sheppey Crossing collision in September.

However, the force said it had decided not to prosecute the drivers, but it had written to them all offering driver educational courses instead.

Thick fog descended on the bridge on 5 September 2013 and collision investigators said this was a fundamental reason for the biggest ever collision in the county, resulting in a 150-vehicle pile-up.

The crossing was also closed in both directions for more than nine hours.

Senior Investigating Officer, Inspector Martin Stevens said: “Clearly the thick fog that descended on the bridge that day made driving conditions incredibly challenging and was a contributory factor in the resulting collision which stretched from the approach right across the bridge.

“While a significant number of drivers did precisely the right thing by driving to the conditions, our investigation has provided overwhelming evidence that in some cases motorists were not driving with due care and attention and were travelling at speeds which prevented them being able to stop in the distances that they could see ahead.”

He added: “Rather than go through the process of taking these people to court, it was felt that offering an educational outcome would prove far more beneficial for the drivers involved.”

Drivers who do not to take up the offer of attending the course will automatically be summonsed to court.


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