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Flexi Narrow Aisle to unveil layer picking system

Flexi Narrow Aisle is set to unveil a low entry cost customer order picking strategy for grocery retail.

The company says the Flexi PiCK layer Picking System offers case pick rates of more than 1,000 outers per hour per man.

Sales and marketing director John Maguire said: The traditional grocery retail supply structures have tend to be somewhat rigid, most FMCG products packaged and stacked on wooden pallets.

“The palletised loads then move through the supply chain with surprisingly few options offered to the ultimate retail store management. Often either products by the full pallet quantity or individual case picked quantity, often at higher unit price due to the extra picking cost.

“The introduction of product layer marketing concept in the USA has been developed by Flexi Narrow Aisle into a cost effective method of marketeers offering retail stores a third alternative, lower cost than case quantities but less inventory commitment than full pallet. We feel this new development will be of particular interest to the UK’s growing value variety store sector.”

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