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Appeal to have impounded vehicle returned rejected due to illegal use

  • 28 January 2014
  • By Roger Brown

A Bognor Regis scaffolder has lost an appeal for the return of an impounded vehicle that he had used illegally.

Traffic commissioner (TC) for London and the South East Nick Denton (pictured) refused Nicholas Riley’s application to regain his vehicle, saying he had no confidence in his truthfulness and readiness to comply with the law.

Riley was stopped by Vosa (now the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) inspectors in November 2013 for driving an 18-tonne vehicle without an O-licence.

They also found that Riley had never passed a driving test for a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes. At the time he was stopped he had no driving licence of any kind, as even his licence to drive cars had been revoked.

Riley then asked Denton to return the vehicle on the grounds that he had not used it unlawfully.
During a hearing, Riley claimed that, at the time he was stopped, the vehicle was being used to move rubbish from his mother’s house. However, Denton noted photographic evidence from Vosa that showed scaffolding equipment in the vehicle.

It was discovered Riley had previously been stopped in September 2012 driving an HGV without a relevant licence, without insurance and without an operator’s licence. Riley persisted in driving an 18-tonner without having passed a driving test for anything more than a car.

His confiscated truck will be disposed of.


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