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Bristol operators relaxed about new 20mph limit

  • 23 January 2014
  • By admin

Operators in Bristol have said a 20mph blanket speed limit in the city centre, introduced this week, will not have much of an effect on congestion-choked roads.

New regulations, which came into effect on 20 January, cover six areas in the city’s central region, which have already undergone a period of informal engagement between February 2012 and November 2013.

This is the third of eight proposed implementations; the two areas affected previously were initially pilot schemes where the 20mph restrictions have been in place since 2010. The remaining five zones are scheduled to introduce the regulations over the coming year, with an estimated end date of February 2015.

David Bryans, MD of Bristol-based DB International said: “When you’re driving an artic you’d probably struggle to do even 20mph. There’s cars coming at you, pedestrians everywhere, you’re always aware of that, and the traffic’s normally bad, so I don’t think it’s going to make any odds. And if you were on a road for five minutes and you have to go at 20 instead of 30, what’s that going to add to the journey? A minute? It’s nothing.”

Craig Housely, Operations Director at John T EvansBristol said: “It’ll probably be better off; they’re only going at 10mph as it is! On the outer parts of the city it’s going to have an effect and slow the operation down a little bit but in the city centre it won’t really have that much of an effect. Even if it’s an A-road, trucks can only do 40 anyway, and that’s if you can even get up to that speed given the congestion.”

While the project is costing an estimated £2m, Bristol Council are confident the money will be more than made back in savings.

By Emma Shone


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