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Is your FLT chain marked correctly?

A leading UK supplier of leaf chain is warning companies with fork lift trucks of the dangers of using chain that is not etched with full traceability information. Chaintec, one of the UK’s foremost leaf chain suppliers, is urging engineers to make sure they know where their replacement fork lift chain is sourced and that it conforms to HSE regulations to ensure its safe to use.


ISO4347:2004, the international quality standard for leaf chain, clevises and sheaves, clearly states that chain should be marked with the manufacturer’s name or brand plus the series size code for identification ie BL6, AL5, LL12. A unique batch number which should correspond with the Test Certificate supplied with the chain should also be included.

Chain supplied by Manchester based Chaintec comes with a unique manufacturer’s number etched onto the chain every metre or so and enables them to easily trace the production of the chain right back to the raw materials used during manufacture.

The Test Certificate confirms that the chain has been inspected and passed safety standards and provides details of the chain’s Proof Load and Working Load. The Proof Load demonstrates the chain’s integrity and is the load that can be applied to the chain without causing any physical or metallurgical failure allowing the chain to be reused on the application. The Safe Working Load is the chain’s safe lifting capacity maintaining the safety ratio.


Tony Wilson, managing director at Chaintec, explains: “The chain on a fork lift truck is a safety critical component and it is therefore crucial that it can be traced, especially if there is a failure or fault with the chain and products need to be recalled. We recommend customers steer clear of any chain that is not stamped with a brand or manufacturer name and chain series number; without it the chain falls outside the LOLER specifications as you cannot identify that it’s the correct chain for the application and therefore can fail an insurance inspection.”

Chaintec is a member of the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) and an Approved Product Partner for Donghua Limited.


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