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When expert advice leads to a better mezzanine solution

When a business reaches a point where it needs more room, finding the right solution is not always a straightforward process. While the choice between moving or extending the available space in their current premises may be an easy decision to make, budgetary issues are always an essential factor for any plans for development.

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However, what first appears be the cheapest solution may in fact bring its own headaches and can ultimately represent a false economy; this is exactly what happened when Sheffield-based clothing and footwear wholesalers, Drop Dead Clothing Ltd, decided to offer a tender to several specialist mezzanine companies in order to source the materials required to complete their own floor space extension.

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During the initial tender process, Ian Sykes, MD at Drop Dead Clothing, spoke to a variety of suppliers to find the best price for the beams and purlins he required to install a mezzanine in the company’s unique, lightning bolt shaped Victorian property. During these conversations, Ian entered into a lengthy discussion with Warehouse Systems Limited, explaining what he was trying to achieve. This call lead to WSL offering to come and visit Ian on site the next day, to get a first-hand point of reference for the work required so they could best advise Ian on the best way forward for the project.

After putting forward some alternative suggestions, such as an opening out of the column grid in order to better utilise the space they were looking to create, WSL provided a detailed quotation and invited Ian to visit some of their previous projects, so that he could see how their installations could bring greater benefits to the business.

This thorough approach led to WSL winning the contract and taking care of the installation from start to finish – saving Drop Dead Clothing from the hassle of completing the work themselves.

In order to deliver the project quickly, Warehouse Systems Limited assigned a 4-man technical team to complete 100 days of work activity in just 5 weeks. The finished result was a multi-tier mezzanine system with handrails and staircases, providing an additional 2085 m² of workspace at the company’s warehouse.

This is a clear example of expertise and great customer service leading to a better all-round solution – Drop Dead Clothing now have a more usable space for their business.


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