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TCs report 2013: South East traffic area

  • 01 January 2014
  • By Roger Brown

TC Nick Denton said in his first year in the post a few “bete noires” had emerged. These included the problem of so-called ‘flag of convenience’ transport managers – named on the licence but with little real involvement in the business.

He said: “I saw one example where a transport manager was claiming to work 32 hours a month for an operator but charging only £100. “Can he have been doing a proper job? “Another failed to spot that his operator did not have two drivers as claimed but rather one driver using two tachograph cards under different names.”

In the report, TC Denton also singled out operators who fail to fulfil undertakings.

He added: “I frequently ask operators to agree to undergo refresher training, or be externally audited by trade bodies, as the price for retaining their licence. “Most carry out these promises, but some do not. “I suppose it is this detachment from reality which means they are surprised when, at our next encounter, I revoke their licences.”

South-East traffic area by numbers: 2012/13 (2011/12)

Number of public inquiries completed 163 (135)

Licence revocations 33 (41)

Licence suspensions 40 (25)

Curtailment or conditions imposed 48 (29)

Formal warnings 34 (27)

Disqualification of licence holder 11 (5)

Disqualification of transport manager 12 (10)


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