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‘Lift’ Your Business To New Heights In 2014

The business world is all about expansion and development. The aims of any company when they first start out are to; 1) Provide a quality product or service and 2) expand these services to a wider audience.


In some industries, this is easier said than done and the construction and maintenance world is one of the toughest. Ranging from small property projects to huge full-scale developments, the industry is scattered with construction firms and specialists each competing for lucrative building contracts.

Construction Maintenance

The larger the scale, the larger and, indeed, more dependent on equipment and capabilities your business will be. Many projects, whether they are construction or maintenance, entail workers to carry out tasks at a range of heights requiring nerves of steel, sound experience and proven safety procedures.


Working at great heights adds a real element of risk and danger to any job, let alone if you are working with and lifting heavy equipment, so it’s important you have the right tools for the job. From specialist lifting products to safety and training aspects, getting the fundamentals right will not only enhance your business, but ensure the safety and productivity of your workforce

So, we’ve teamed up with Lifting Gear Direct, the UK’s leading supplier of premium lifting and handling equipment, to demonstrate the equipment that can see your 2014 reach new heights.

Height Safety Kits

The first thing that should be considered is the safety of your workforce when working at height, regardless of the equipment they are using or type of work being carried out. Height safety kits tend to include a single point safety harness and shock absorbing rope complete with snap hooks to safely suspend its user should they be unfortunate to fall.

Comfortable and reliable, many height safety kits are specific to certain roles on-site, such as roofers, construction and scaffolders, including specialist accessories to aid productivity.


Hoists are used on site to help lift and position heavy materials as well as assist with heavy equipment. Air hoists are perfect for lifting smaller weights (200-900kgs) and due to their handy and flexible nature, can be deployed quickly and effectively.  For heavier loads (1,000 to 40,000kgs) electric chain hoists can be adapted for a range of applications and most notable for their high lifting speeds, with some capable of 12m per minute.

Overhead Cranes

Suited for maintenance work, an overhead crane is a logistical and, in some cases a long-term, solution for maintenance, warehouse and construction sites. Operable on parallel runways and travelling bridges, electric driven hoists provide easy and accurate positioning of materials and goods all from a multi-functional control unit.

Hydraulic Lifting

From jacks and height cylinders to single speed pumps, hydraulics has revolutionised the way work is carried out.  Hydraulic equipment is not cheap, but the benefits it boasts can help the productivity and efficiency of any project, as well as allowing safe and secure lifting solutions.

Final Tips – Ventilation

Whatever projects you undertake, it’s important that you can rely on the equipment you use and be sure to work in a well-ventilated environment, especially in smaller and enclosed sites. If you work in an industrial setting, ensure that a trusted ventilation system is in place.

Industrial blogger Phil Warrington writes on how trusted lifting equipment is essential the prosperity of your business in 2014 with thanks to Lifting Gear Direct – lifting equipment suppliers – Vent Logistics – industrial ventilation specialists.

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