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TCs report 2013: Eastern traffic area

  • 28 December 2013
  • By Roger Brown

In his contribution to the TCs report, Eastern traffic commissioner Richard Turfitt stated that it is imperative operators can see that enforcement and regulation provide value for money.

The TC explained: “Any unnecessary cost places the ability of transport companies to deliver at issue. It is therefore entirely appropriate that the senior TC has suggested a theme of working with others for this year’s slightly truncated report.”

TC Turfitt stated that his area’s new public inquiry address in Cambridge has offered improved facilities.

He added: “We have sought to tackle unscrupulous individuals who seek to act as transport managers in name only or who see appointment as an opportunity to use the operator as a cash cow. “The continued failure of certain banks to support small and medium sized enterprises is also becoming a theme at public inquiry”

Eastern traffic area by numbers: 2012/13 (201/12)

Number of public inquiries completed  130 (149)

Licence revocations 37 (52)

Licence suspensions 7 (10)

Curtailment or conditions imposed 32 (30)

Formal warnings 55 (51)

Disqualification of licence holder 6 (12)

Disqualification of transport manager 17 (11)



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