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Top 10 Commercial Motor front covers 2013

  • 27 December 2013
  • By George Barrow

It is the all important shop window for Commercial Motor so it is understandable that an awful lot of time and effort goes into making each cover of the magazine. Although we’ve got a fair idea of what covers sell magazines, it’s not an exact science, but if the cover features a brand new shiny Swede, chances are truck enthusiasts will buy it in their droves.

Following on from yesterday’s top covers of the year, Commercial Motor editor, Will Shiers, picks his top five favourite covers of 2013:

Number 5. 18 April – Matthew Kibble’s passion for Volvos and photographer Tom Cunningham’s incredible attention to detail, resulted in this amazing image.  We’ve featured no less than eight new-shape Volvo FH’s on the cover this year, and this was my favourite.
Number 4.  13 June – The new Renault T range was launched on a Tuesday evening – whereas Commercial Motor’s covers are put to bed on a Monday – leaving us with a bit of a problem. After several weeks of pleading with Dunstable and Lyon I finally persuaded them to let us have this image under embargo 24 hours ahead of the launch – but only after signing a legal document stating that Commercial Motor would be fined €100,000 if the embargo was broken.
Number 3. 5 December – It’s extremely rare for Commercial Motor not to feature a truck on its cover – but I believe this powerful image was justified given the nature of the tragic story it relates to. The image came from picture library Rex Features, and was taken at the scene of a fatal accident in London. The yellow line around the bicycle was painted by the police, and not by our art and production desk.
Number 2. 28 March – CM’s art editor Tim Noonan puts a lot of effort into every cover – but they don’t normally require quite as much work as this one. The challenge he faced was how to turn a cold, wet Irish layby into a Middle East desert. Please ignore the floating kettle!

Number 1. 10 January – Without a doubt my favourite cover of the year was this. I’m not sure what I like most about it – the truck or its owner Bob Carmichael. Both are certainly oozing with character. Tim Noonan spent two days working on this image, as Bob wasn’t originally sitting in front of the truck.

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