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TCs report 2013: West Midlands traffic area

  • 27 December 2013
  • By Roger Brown

Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands, Nick Jones, said the planned Vosa/DSA merger provides an opportunity to address “existing systematic problems”.

He also remarked on the 2012 framework document from the TCs and the Department for Transport, designed to help clarify the nature of the commissioners’ relationship with Vosa and support their independence.

“The framework agreement referred to last year was a real hope for the future, it is unfortunate that it is too often ignored”, he said.

The TC acknowledged the “professionalism” and “excelent work” undertaken on behalf of the TCs, in particular by Vosa’s grass roots staff.

However, he added: “Now is the time for Vosa management to start listening to and benefitting from the expertise and specialist knowledge of the traffic commissioners.”

West Midlands traffic area by numbers: 2012/13 (2011/12)

Number of public inquiries completed 124 (129)

Licence revocations 65 (51)

Licence suspensions 5 (13)

Curtailment or conditions imposed 29 (33)

Formal warnings 18 (15)

Disqualification of licence holder 8 (3)

Disqualification of transport manager 12 (3)


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