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Top 10 Commercial Motor front covers 2013

  • 26 December 2013
  • By George Barrow

The front cover is Commercial Motor’s shop window – which makes it rather an important asset. With that in mind an awful lot of time and effort goes into making each one as appealing as possible. Although it’s not an exact science, we’ve got a fair idea of what covers sell magazines. For instance, stick a 10-year old white Iveco Eurocargo on the front and potential readers will run a mile. If however the cover features a brand new shiny Swede, dripping with chrome and lit up like a Christmas tree, truck enthusiasts will buy it in their droves. But obviously there is such a thing as too many blinged-up Scanias.

Here follows the editor’s first five favourite covers of 2013:

Number 10. 7 February – Whether you love them or hate them, everyone wants to read about Eddie Stobart. And because of this, whenever we stick one on the cover we can guarantee a sizeable uplift in newstrade sales. We had three Stobart covers in 2013, but this was my favourite. Why? Because ‘PX10 DBV’ is named after my daughter Riley Celyn! 

Number 9. 12 September – Volvo has received a lot of stick from hauliers who are unable to apply their livery to the front of the new FH, but it hasn’t proved a problem for Pollock Scotrans. I think this truck looks fantastic, and you seem to agree, as this proved to be one of the best-selling issues of 2013.

Number 8. 14 November – I hadn’t originally planned to put a Renault K range on the cover – but changed my mind when I saw this fantastic image. It was shot by Tom Cunningham at a quarry just outside Barcelona.

Number 7. 12 December – Photographer Craig Pusey was on a car shoot in Tibet when this battered Dongfeng drove past. It’s such a bizarre image, and I couldn’t resist putting it on the cover.

Number 6. 19 December – We always try to do something a bit special for our Christmas issue – and this year we’ve been lucky enough to get exclusive access to Roger Snyder’s Peterbilt calendar shoot. There are some fantastic behind-the-scenes pics in the magazine, but I thought this image was perfect for the cover. 

Check back tomorrow for Commercial Motor editor Will Shier’s Top 5 covers of 2013


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