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TCs report 2013: Welsh traffic area

  • 26 December 2013
  • By Roger Brown

Over the next eight days will take a look at the nuances of each traffic area in the United Kingdom, as outlined in the traffic commissioners annual report. First up is the Welsh traffic area, and the comments of TC Nick Jones.

He explained that there are issues in Wales to address:”Annual reports for Wales have historically referred to: problems caused by traffic commissioner services being administered from England; comparatively lower safety levels in parts of Wales; comparative lack of regulatory interventions in parts of Wales; and, on-going Welsh language problems.”

Jones insisted that in looking to the future, “the Secretary of State will be concerned that the above issues have not been addressed and matters are coming to a head”.

He commented that the support for his role coming from Welsh ministers and the Welsh government had been welcome, as had the “invaluable steer” provided by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Welsh traffic area by numbers: 2012/13  (2011/12)

Number of public inquiries completed 75 (40)

Licence revocations 36 (14)

Licence suspensions 7 (3)

Curtailment or conditions imposed 21 (10)

Formal warnings 7 (8)

Disqualification of licence holder 6 (1)

Disqualification of transport manager 5(0)


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