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Filplastic – For all your storage solutions

Conventional Shelving is fine as long as your product is a box or can easily be stacked, but what happens when your product is an awkward shape such as plumbing fittings or when they are cellophane wrapped and just slip all over the place?

ATP-Messy-2Well, as thousands of Filplastic customers can testify the company’s wire baskets can often be the solution. What makes Filplastic baskets the ideal answer?

1) The baskets are large enough to carry the bulkiest of objects. With the C4 model 1200mm wide they can take duvets, overcoats, pillows.

2) The plastic coating is kind to products even if they are delicate or fragile. As the baskets are totally plastic coated (not powder coated) there are no sharp edges to catch or damage goods.

3) Adjustable dividers mean you can create compartments to the exact size you need for you product. Each basket can be divided as many times as required.

4) Economical and versatile. Although conventional racking can be turned into pigeon hole style racking the extra costs of dividers and front risers make it more expensive than Filplastic baskets and often the dividers cannot be adjusted.

5) Light and moveable. As the baskets are so light they can easily be moved for cleaning or to change location.

6) Transportable wheel sets are available for all the range of baskets. They can be used for order selection and each level of baskets can be used for individual orders.

7) Space efficient. Filplastic baskets nest inside each other for transportation of when not in use. This keeps transportation cost down and means the baskets can be used for special promotions or seasonal demands.

8) Availability. The company keep over 1000 baskets in stock at any one time.

9) Practicality. There are two choices of mesh size which means smaller items can be kept in 24mm x 46mm C12 MT8 baskets.

10) Choice, there is a range of 4 baskets to chose from to cover the needs of most clients and products.

11) Integrate, the C4 size basket at 1200mm long is designed to sit inside bays of conventional pallet racking (typically 2700mm). This means bulk stock can be stored above the baskets and emptied into baskets for picking.

Filplastic-logo12) High Visibility, because they are mesh it is easy to keep an eye on stock levels and condition. The added bonus is that they let light through to make a pleasanter working environment.

13) Longevity, even in the tough world of the builders merchants there are Filplastic baskets still doing their job 20 years after they were purchased.

14) Safe again plastic coating ensures operatives are not at risk of cuts and if you are unfortunate enough to have your sprinkler system activated water will run through the baskets instead of accumulating as it would on a normal shelf.

ATP-Tidy-2As well as the baskets Filplastic offer a wide range of solution for small parts storage.

Union Boxes; are a unique interlocking binning system that will take massive weights. Because they interlock there is no need to purchase expensive back-plates or shelving.

Ecobins; a topseller with Filplastic for years conventional parts bins that are sold with optional shelving or back panels, strong and robust they will last for years.

Kaddybins; our newest range these bins nest and save a fortune on carriage and delivery charges.

View Bins; Superbly versatile range of clear bins that can be easily removed from their casing. Absolutely ideal for van storage where they can be retained with metal bars and mounted on the van sides.

Shelf Bins; Extremely useful for getting the optimum space out of conventional shelving, every bin can be subdivided several times.

Vision Blocks; interlocking range of clear fronted drawer units, they interlock to build up into a sturdy unit, very popular with the jewellery trade.

Storage-Age; Robust drawer units that can be locked together or mounted on walls, ideal for walls.

So whatever your products, however awkward it is, Filplastic have a solution to cater for your needs. Please ring our friendly sales team or visit our website at


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