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Is the Gold Standard for WMS possible at no extra cost?

As the business model for software companies shifts from a perpetual licence arrangement to Software as a Service (SaaS), there is little or no consensus on how to best present and price implementation services as part of a SaaS solution. To offer something of a choice, many SaaS warehouse management system providers are packaging implementation services into distinct “value” categories. This allows low initial costs to be offered, but can restrict the service provided. Surely the best solution for the customer is to receive the Gold Standard, but at no extra cost, but is this possible??


Traditionally, software installation and training services were typically shaped and priced on an individual, customer-by-customer basis.­­ The SaaS warehouse management system model is designed to make the entire process of acquiring and accessing the solution simpler for the customer, but the costs to the client and the software provider are often limited by packaging the implementation services into a tiered package system, with included pricing and obvious service limitations:

The good news is that there is a SaaS WMS vendor that offers the best service package at no additional cost. Gavin Clark, Commercial Director / CCO for Snapfulfil, explains: “We are the modern day alchemists! We turn the traditional bronze and silver SaaS WMS packages into pure gold. Snapfulfil is only prepared to offer an elite service – why would we wish our customers to have anything less?”

He continues: “Our business philosophy is very simple and transparent. There are no complicated tiered package structures. All our customers are secure in the knowledge that they are operating on a level playing field. Quite simply we offer the best service at the most competitive price to one and all. But we don’t stop there… as we are a No Capex solution, this Gold standard approach continues once the system is live, as we offer short 12 month contracts, our Global Support Services team are highly motivated to keep our clients happy. This may sound like ‘sales speak’ but below are just some of the comments from our clients.”

Mike Lackman from

“We are in a fast-growing and fast-changing environment, and SNAP has kept pace with us every step of the way. When minor issues have come up, their teams have been accessible on off hours to come up with creative solutions to our problems. For example, when we faced prolonged ISP outage in our area of NJ during Hurricane Sandy, the SNAP team had their chief network person available to us immediately and was able to get the entire system onto a backup network.”


Review by Bill from Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

“We carried out training on Snapfulfil in January 2010, and went into the implementation stage in March. The team from Snap were always on hand to solve any difficulties we had or answer any of our questions.

The staff was very quickly impressed with the ease of use of the system and, within a couple of days, had completely settled into the new routine. The system is very user friendly and reduces the risk of errors quite dramatically.

The support that we have received over the last 3 years has been fantastic, and this means that we know that any emergency we may have is going to be dealt with professionally and stress free.”

We started this piece with the question “Is The Gold Standard for WMS Possible at No Extra Cost?” we hope that you will agree with our clients and say “Yes it is”

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