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Why buy plastic pallets, crates & boxes when you can rent?

As more and more companies work towards reducing their carbon footprint by committing to replacing wood, cardboard and polystyrene products with a range of durable, cost effective, long life plastic returnable transit equipment (RTE), they are then faced with the decision of whether to purchase or rent equipment.


Should a company commit to purchasing plastic pallets, crates and boxes, apart from the substantial capital outlay for acquiring equipment, they must make provisions for managing the product pool once it leaves their premises and enters the supply chain. How are they going to track and ensure recovery, plus maintain and wash the products in order to ensure the high levels of cleanliness as demanded by certain industry sectors?

By renting plastic pallets and other returnable transit equipment this can often be paid from revenue that can be offset against taxes and allows better use of often scarce capital resources. It also enables companies to focus their attention on their core business and day-to-day supply-chain operations, whilst eliminating the expensive distraction of owning and maintaining an inventory of pallets.

Renting of plastic pallets and other equipment provides maximum flexibility as additional equipment can be ordered as and when required, rather than having to stock for peak seasons and keeping unused product in storage.

PPS offers total RTE solutions

PPS, who has factories in the Midlands and on the East Coast, has many years experience in providing customers with total RTE solutions, supplying returnable transit equipment including plastic pallets, crates and boxes to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Returnable transit equipment is used in many industrial sectors such as automotive and plays a vital role enclosing and securely protecting products in strong, rigid structures.

SAM_0038Managing Director David Peggie reported, “Renting returnable packaging from PPS is convenient and pain-free for our customers. We believe that our clients want to concentrate their efforts, energies and resources into their core business, whilst letting a specialist company handle their returnable packaging.

PPS offer a simple and cost effective online solution, supported by its bespoke user friendly ordering system “ENABLE”. PPS rent clients what they need and deliver the specified quantities of “BRC” accredited products ready for use, when and for how long they need it. We are also very flexible to client’s seasonal needs and increases in requirements.

We manage the pool of plastic pallets, pallet boxes, plastic nestable trays and tote boxes etc. Once the client’s product is dispatched in the returnable transit equipment to their respective customer, the detailed movement is entered onto the online tracking system “ENABLE”. From then on PPS take the responsibility to collect the transit equipment from the delivery site, return them to one of our state of the art facilities to wash and prepare the equipment for reuse.

Accredited to the BRC Storage Distribution, PPS uses the very latest wash facilities to clean a variety of plastic containers from produce trays to bulk containers, dollies and plastic pallets.

So, whatever your company requirements are, PPS can offer a rental option that can be tailored to suit individual requirements and back this up with our dedicated management and logistics services.”

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