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PPS offers cost effective repairs of plastic RTE – including Dolav & Pallet boxes

Leading supplier of Returnable Transit Equipment (RTE) – PPS Midlands have a fully equipped repair facility where an experienced team of engineers offer plastic and metal welding services in order to repair a range of products, including plastic pallets, crates, boxes, trays, bins, roll cages, stillages and Dolav containers.

TJX-15-4-13-008-afterHundreds of RTE products and in particular, pallet boxes and roll cages used for bulk handling within the supply chain, are being damaged each month. As a result, companies are discarding the damaged plastic and metal handling products without looking for an alternative solution, which is proving to be extremely costly for companies having to replace RTE stock.

PPS opened this dedicated facility with the sole intention of repairing their own equipment pool using specialist plastic and metal welding equipment. This versatile equipment enables PPS to provide strong, durable repairs to a wide range of products at a fraction of the replacement costs, whilst greatly improving the lifespan of a product and extend the return on investment.

Many companies have restricted capital budgets and cannot easily replace their damaged equipment. Therefore, due to the success and cost savings experienced by PPS when repairing their own equipment, it was decided to extend this service to the marketplace.

PPS offer a very flexible service to meet customer’s needs and can quote for individual repairs if required or provide an on-going equipment maintenance programme to keep products in tip top condition.

Repairs Manager Paul Mountney reported, “Regular maintenance ensures that equipment is fit for purpose and reduces health and safety issues, particularly the risk of possible injury. There is also the added benefit of limited equipment downtime, as there is less damaged equipment out of the supply chain improving the utilisation.’

Any repair work can be undertaken on the customer’s site or if this is not suitable, the damaged products can be delivered to PPS’s own repair facility based in the Midlands.


For a quotation or further details of PPS’s plastic and metal welding repair service contact:

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