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Racking & Shelving – Filplastic

You will hardly find a builders or plumbers merchant in the UK that does not use Filplastic wire baskets for storing and displaying their plastic pipe fittings. But twenty years after Filplastic was founded the emphasis has moved to a new and exciting role;


More and more warehouses and logistics companies are using Filplastic baskets to store and pick awkward shaped items and clothing. The versatile baskets provide a low tech solution to an age old problem and have become an essential addition to many internet operations. Clothing companies in particular have realised the advantage of baskets over conventional shelving as cellophane wrapped goods that slide off the shelves are retained neatly in the Filplastic baskets.

Paul Taylor, Managing Director and owner spoke to Warehouse Logistics News.

WLN – First of all, what does your role involve day to day? Has it changed since last year?

I try and mix being able to handle the strategic side of the company but still keeping a personal contact with our customers and the team at Filplastic. I think many management roles have changed during the recession with company directors having to get more involved in the day to day activities of their businesses and make sure they keep close contact with their best customers. Margins have been under huge pressure so the buying side of the business has also needed a lot of attention but I am very proud to have a business that is actually selling our main product at a lower price than we did 10 years ago

WLN – 2013 – How was it for you?

An excellent year (so far with only a few days left!) We have seen cost conscious customers realise our equipment represents a substantial saving on conventional shelving and what a great service we supply as a company. The thing I love about this industry is the varied sorts and sizes of businesses you can be involved with and 2013 has seen us add to our customer base considerably.

WLN – How has the Storage Solutions category been performing this year? What do you see as the most significant recent developments?

Again an excellent year, we have really noticed a growing confidence in businesses to expand and spend, with enquiries and quotation that were carried out two years ago actually being ordered now.

WLN – Have you moved into any new business areas in the last 12 months?

I never cease to be amazed at the different uses people find for our baskets and bins, apart from the established uses we have found companies using Filplastic baskets for everything from prosthetics to a TV jewelry channel this year. We have also had fancy dress wholesalers, equestrian stores, scuba equipment wholesalers and dare I say it an “adult” superstore using our baskets.

WLN – What was your biggest investment to improve your business this year? What else have you done?

Our biggest effort has been to develop a brand new website which we hope is a bit different to most of the companies in our sector. The aim has been to make it as easy to use as possible and more transparent than our competition. We have also taken part in the Governments Growth Accelerator scheme which involved the entire management team and has led to some major improvements in the way we operate.

WLN – How are your existing products and services doing? Have you developed or upgraded your existing products and services recently?

We have actually simplified our range cutting down to just 4 main basket sizes from the original 7. This has enabled us to be more efficient and cost effective and ensure we have plenty of stock available.

Filplastic are always adding complimentary products to the range and have a policy of introducing at least one new product every month. We are also willing to provide bespoke solutions for specific problems, for example our customer Bon Marche were having problems with their pickers reaching into the height of the top basket so we have developed a basket for them with a lower front.

WLN – Have you launched any new products or services, and how are they performing?

Although the backbone of Filplastic are our basket sales we also having a thriving projects side and we have found a huge increase in mezzanine floor sales over the last 12 months.
We have also done some large pallet racking installations as well as seen our shopfitting side develop.


WLN – What’s been your company’s single biggest achievement in business this year?

I think it is simply to see the growing acceptance throughout the logistics world that our products do give a real and viable alternative way of picking goods

WLN – What was your favourite business moment in 2013?

It may not seem commercial to many people but our reappointment as Investors In People really means a lot to me. I know it is a cliché but to be an outstanding business you need outstanding people and at Filplastic we have certainly got that. You could not meet a more dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable team.

Filplastic-logoWLN – Do you operate in any other countries besides the UK? How are you getting on there? Have you gone into any new territories recently?

We have almost accidentally picked up quite a lot of foreign trade this year including North Africa, Malta, UAE, Denmark and of course Eire and we are actually in the process of launching a German website. It is a huge market and we have managed to negotiate some favourable carriage deals that will enable us to service Germany from our main warehouse in the East Riding rather than going through third parties in Germany.

WLN – Have you won any awards recently, or been accredited to any new standards?

Filplastic is a very diverse company and we are proud of our long association with Builders Merchants and we were particularly pleased to be invited to join the Institute of Builders Merchants as an Approved Supplier. We are also extremely proud to be one of the 30 members the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) that assures customers that the highest standards are maintained within our industry.

On a personal note I am delighted to be involved in an operation called “For Entrepreneurs Only” which has been set up to encourage existing businesses in Hull and the East Riding to grow and to help those wishing to start a new business get help and advice from experienced business people. I love the business environment and it is great to feel that you are putting something back into the business community.


WLN – Can you tell us about your major projects this year, and what they involved?

There are so many and so varied we put a two tier mezzanine floor in for UFP in Bradford, a complete bin picking system for Gems TV, another mezzanine floor and hundreds of baskets for Magic Toyz, one of the country’s leading fancy dress distributors as well as order picking solutions for many clothing distributors including Bon Marche and Yukka Clothing.

WLN – Can you tell us about your plans for 2014? Where do you see your business going?

As internet sales continue to grow and grow I really see Filplastic growing on the back of it. The UK is the most developed internet market in Europe so there is huge potential for growth elsewhere. We have noticed a huge surge in interest and orders over the last few months and all the indicators suggest that we are coming out of the recession at long, long last.

WLN – Are you looking at taking on more staff or expanding your premises next year?

Definitely, we have planning permission for further warehousing and are looking for additions to our sales team so we can offer even better service and coverage.

WLN – Are you exhibiting at any major trade shows in 2014?

Although we will continue to support the specialist builders merchants shows we took an executive decision three years ago that we are best putting our resources into internet advertising and e-marketing.


WLN – What other headline news from Filplastic can our readers look forward to reading about in Warehouse Logistics News next year?

Well hopefully that the publicity generated from this interview has led to unprecedented sales but also that we continue to add to our impressive band of happy customers!

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