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Linde reflect on the success of 2013

“2013 has been a remarkable year for new products at Linde Material Handling, not only have we launched the Linde EVO – our revolutionary new range of environmentally friendly counterbalance forklift trucks, we also introduced our new generation of compact and manoeuvrable reach trucks – models Linde R14 to R20 with load capacities from 1.4 to 2 tonnes.


“Both ranges continue to provide our customers with a range of high quality, innovative and efficient products that not only meet their requirements but also go that extra mile to help reduce cost of ownership and increase operator comfort and safety. For instance the Linde EVO Counterbalance range not only offers customers a high quality, ergonomically advanced truck but is the cleanest truck in the 2.5 to 3.5tonne market producing some of the lowest emissions compared to other load capacity in the same class, helping to further improve working environments while also keeping costs down. In fact customer tests revealed that this was up to 28% more fuel efficient than the previous model stretching the efficiency gap even further compared to the competition”

“The Linde EVO highlights our long standing commitment to increasing levels of operator safety and comfort, with a new range of ergonomically designed seats, and armrest. The new seat delivers increased width, greater weight capacity and adjustable suspension to minimise the effect on the operator and offer greater levels of comfort. Also as standard is the inclusion of electronic curve assist safety technology. This unique safety feature works by actively reducing traction speed depending on steering angle, further increasing levels of operator safety.”

“We are consistently looking for new ways to revolutionise the warehouse sector and our R14 to R20 reach trucks also provide customers with a whole host of advanced technical features which not only increase productive flow of goods in the warehouse but also make the trucks more comfortable, powerful, safer and easier to service.”

3958_361_BX“We have been delighted with the feedback we have received from our customers in response to the launch of our new products. The Metafin Group Holdings Ltd in Walsall made a switch to using Linde trucks in January after using the same fleet for a number of years and as a result made a fuel saving of over £13,500. Metafin is one of Europe’s leading trade coater, specialising in Cathodic Electropaint and Powder Coating processes.

“We initially predicted that Metafin would make a 25 per cent fuel saving using the Linde fleet but the trial revealed a 39.5 per cent saving, equating to £13,500 in fuel costs so far.”

“It is fantastic when our customers realise a substantial cost saving like this. At Linde, we always look for opportunities to help current and potential customers make savings through our trucks. It’s also important that businesses are given the best fleet of trucks for their operational needs; and so our try before you buy option has worked particularly well for us.”

“Our product development team is currently working on adding ground-breaking new features to our existing product lines to further improve their efficiency for our customers and we look forward to sharing this with you in 2014.”

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