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MonaLisa: State of the art sortation for efulfilment

SDI Group has introduced a highly innovative hanging pouch sortation system, called the MonaLisa, to the UK market following successful applications in Germany. The creative design of the hanging pouch system allows sortation of both hanging items and flat goods simultaneously, making it ideal for multichannel fashion retailers wishing to combine several elements of an order.


What sets the flexible MonaLisa sorting system apart is its high speed: it makes both picked and returned product available to be sent out later in the picking window, which will particularly interest ecommerce retailers.

The overhead sortation system features a carrier bag or pouch – allowing both hanging garments and boxes to be stored in dynamic picking loops. They can be accessed rapidly, whenever an order is called off by the warehouse management system. The bags are transported by the overhead technology to automatic packing stations.

The MonaLisa incorporates a number of patented designs that deliver ‘world class’ speed for the cycle of overhead storage, product access and transportation to packing stations – allowing an ecommerce retailer to gain very high throughputs and facilitating later cut off times for online orders.


SDI Group has also developed innovative software to drive the MonaLisa, which allows retailers to see in real time how their merchandise is being accessed and sold. This gives clear visibility of trends in their distribution centre work requirements, helping to improve predictability for stock forecasting.


A further important advantage is that the MonaLisa uses scaleable technology, allowing retailers to start small and expand the solution as their business grows.

Gordon Smith, CEO of SDI Group said: “The MonaLisa, and its accompanying software, is a compelling product for multichannel fashion and apparel retailers. Many tasks carried out in efulfilment are no different to picking for store distribution at different times of the year but the challenge is to combine them into a single solution. Etailers, however, generally offer a large number of SKUs, so the buildings holding them cover a large area. This requires a system such as The MonaLisa to bring that stock out faster or to make it available in a pre-packed buffer.


“We have already won our first orders for the MonaLisa in Germany and the customer feedback so far has been extremely positive. Clearly the MonaLisa will deliver performance and efficiencies that will make UK multichannel fashion retailers smile.”

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