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Hörmann UK Doors and Curtains review

Continual improvement remains the focus for Hörmann with doors constantly updated and new doors developed to meet specific demands. The wide range of doors manufactured by Hörmann was showcased at the IMHX show with the inclusion of a selection from the comprehensive range of hinged, multi-function doors for both internal and external use.


The ability to supply all the doors needed for a project means that consistency of appearance and quality can readily be achieved, whether you require fire-rated doors, smoke protection, acoustic insulation, or break in resistant doors. From fully glazed doors to simple steel workshop doors Hörmann is able to supply a range of options to meet any design demands.

Also introduced at IMHX was the Series 50 range of industrial sectional doors, an update to the successful series 40. The latest upgrade features thinner frames for glazed sections and sets the clear passage width of integral wicket doors to 940mm to satisfy accessibility and escape route requirements. These wicket doors have been refined with the inclusion of hidden hinges which allow the door frame to be thinner, creating a more pleasing finish. The unique trip free threshold strip has been retained adding to the appeal of this option.

The continued demand for better insulation and energy saving measures has led to the use of double door combinations to create loading lobbies on many distribution centres which has added to sales volumes. This idea was extended by Asda who combined external SPU insulated sectional doors with internal high speed spiral doors to create an interlocked unloading area for 40ft trailers, inside their distribution centre.

The use of high speed doors within large buildings and manufacturing plants has created the need for more sophisticated safety features to minimise collision damage. The Hörmann Light Grille, non-contact safety device, was recognised for its innovation as the winner of the IMHX Goods-in Goods-out Design 4 Safety Award. One of a number of safety devices and ideas pioneered by Hörmann, the Light Grille makes a significant contribution to the safe operation of high-speed doors. This device exceeds the requirements of BS EN 13241-1 and virtually eliminates the risk of harm to pedestrians from fast action doors. Originally developed for curtain doors, the Light Grille removes the need for a rigid or battery powered safety edge, which allows Hörmann to fit its patented SoftEdge and also means the door can operate quicker and react faster to any potential impact. A re-engineered version of the Light Grille has recently been introduced for use with sectional doors too.

New product development has also led to the introduction of an entry level SB rolling shutter, combining Hörmann quality and precision engineering with innovative features in a basic door.


Available as a grille, a single skin door or with insulated laths, all SB roller doors and grilles benefit from Hörmann’s unique tension spring technology, which ensures that little effort is required to open and close them manually. This ease of use adds to the longevity of these doors, leading to even better value for money. This new product has already proved a success with the insulated version dominating sales, as this basic door is lighter, stronger, better insulated and competitively priced, even when compared to single skinned doors from other manufacturers.

New CE marking regulations introduced from July 1st 2013 have increased awareness of the need to ensure that automated industrial doors are compliant and that operators and doors are compatible and fit for purpose. This has proved to be one factor in increased demand for manufacturer backed maintenance and repair services. Also as more and more doors have been fitted as part of integrated loading and partitioning systems there is a greater need to ensure that they operate to their maximum potential at all times. In response to this demand, Hörmann has invested in its 24/7 maintenance and repair services to handle all makes of equipment and provide real time reporting, to meet audit and legislative requirements.

Hörmann has the most extensive selection of industrial doors to suit many applications but continues to increase the range and choices as customers’ needs evolve. New Speed sectional doors, designated HS 5015 and HS 6015, are a specific example. These insulated doors have been developed with a spring compensated chain mechanism that allows them to be fitted into the tightest of spaces. Only 480 mm of headroom is required for the HS 5015 for a door up to 5m x 5m. The larger HS 6015 has been developed for particularly high buildings or passages where steel supports and cabling needs to be negotiated.


Hörmann continues to develop mainstream and niche doors to meet specific needs. Working with customers is an integral part of new product development ensuring that Hörmann retains its position as the market leader by continuing to produce doors that provide long term reliable service and ultimately provide the best value for money.

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