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‘Take transport manager role seriously,’ says TC

  • 26 November 2013
  • By Roger Brown

Eastern traffic commissioner (TC) Richard Turfitt (pictured) believes some hauliers and transport manager CPC holders are still not taking the role and responsibilities of transport manager seriously enough.

The TC made the comments at a public inquiry (PI) called to consider Andrew Bonner’s nomination as transport manager for Leicester-based Martel Logistics. A proposal to revoke the company’s licence was issued in October 2012 after it failed to return the transport manager questionnaire issued to all standard national and international licence holders, to confirm the status of their nominated transport managers, following the introduction of EU regulations in 2011.

Initially, the company declared Bonner had taken over as CPC holder in October 2012, with the previous transport manager still helping out. However, subsequent enquiries with the operator revealed that Bonner had commenced his role as an external transport manager on 3 November 2012.

At the PI, Turfitt refused Martel’s application to add Bonner as transport manager and allowed the business a 28-day period of grace to appoint a paid transport manager to its licence. Bonner told the TC in writing that he was “too busy” to attend the hearing.

The TC said he wanted to remind hauliers that the EU regulations introduced in December 2011 gave TCs the power to take action against transport managers, independently of O-licence holders. The regulations also changed the responsibility of a transport manager from one of continuous and effective control to continuous and effective management of the transport operations.

He added: “It is not acceptable for an existing transport manager, or proposed transport manager, to say that they are too busy to appear before the regulator, who is charged with ensuring they are currently performing – or will be able to perform – the transport manager role in line with the requirements.”


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