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Stacks better: New Bendi B420 longloader long loads & standard loads: inside & outside

“Space saving versatility” has been synonymous with Bendi products since they were first introduced in to the UK market place way back in 1982, but the new Bendi Longloader takes it to a whole new level.

DSC_0668[5]Based on the chassis of the heavy duty B420, The Bendi Longloader is a multi-directional, 4-way sideloading articulated truck designed to handle long and awkward loads as well as standard pallets in an aisle of 1.75m.

This truck has no direct competition: no other truck can handle both long loads and normal pallets with such ease in such small aisles. This is the only machine in the world that can do both.

Amongst the recent orders, companies to recognise the benefits of the Longloader include BQ, Schneider, Ensinger and the latest at time of print was Fiberweb, a global manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic plastic mesh, netting and films. Fiberweb, like many companies, are faced with the problem of handling and storing long and awkward loads in addition to more standard pallets. Having used a conventional sideloader, together with counterbalance and reach trucks, Fiberweb wanted a solution that would give them greater flexibility whilst at the same time reduce the number of trucks on site. After considering all options, Fiberweb ordered a new Bendi Longloader, which successfully operates throughout the site, handling long loads and standard pallets both indoors and outside on loading duties.

So how does the design differ compared to a conventional Bendi truck? Simon Brown, MD of Bendi explains: “The truck is specifically designed to handle long loads in addition to standard size pallets. With a normal truck, the load is at the front and when you turn the steering the mast and the load follows. What we’ve done with this machine is de-couple the steering and the mast, so you can have the load going down the side of the truck and continue to steer on the front wheels and whichever direction you want to stack. It means you’re a lot more space efficient.”

The Bendi Longloader is perfectly suited to working in busy warehousing and manufacturing environments where productivity is key. The innovative design of the Bendi Longloader means that the same operator can collect long loads of raw material, deposit them in the racks or at a production area and then take standard pallets into the warehouse or outside and load them direct onto vehicles without changing trucks or without leaving the confines of the cab to make adjustments to forks or attachments.

The Bendi Longloader has a lifting capacity of 2000kg and lifts to a height of 9m. A powerful 12kW AC drive and high capacity batteries ensure that the truck will perform under the most arduous of conditions.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide, Bendi has ramped up production at the factory in Redditch to accommodate for the Longloader and other new products, and to allow for increasing volume in existing lines both here in the UK and in export sales.

Other recent additions to the Bendi range include the Bendi Order Picker, the world’s first articulated order picking truck which, amongst other benefits, allows self replenishment; the Mini Bendi pedestrian truck that is much smaller and lighter yet still offers superior levels of safety and functionality and the Bendi Arctic for use in cold stores.

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