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Vanderlande Industries Launches Quickstore Microshuttle At LogiMAT 2012

Vanderlande Industries Launches Quickstore Microshuttle At LogiMAT 2012

March 12, 2012  

Vanderlande Industries will launch its new QUICKSTORE
Microshuttle – an extension to the QUICKSTORE range of shuttles,
miniloads and load handling devices – at LogiMAT 2012 (Stuttgart,
Germany, 13 – 15 March).

Microshuttle is a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for low-
to medium-throughput applications in a broad range of industries. An
important advantage of the Microshuttle is scalability: as throughput
requirements increase, the system can be expanded with additional
shuttles. The first Microshuttle system will be operational in the
second half of 2012.
Principles of the QUICKSTORE Microshuttle
QUICKSTORE Microshuttle is an automated storage and retrieval system
(AS/RS) and part of the Vanderlande QUICKSTORE range of miniloads,
shuttles and load-handling devices. Shuttles are not dedicated to one
storage level but can move between different levels in the racking via a
lift. Because of the freedom of movement of the shuttles, this type of
system is referred to as a ‘roaming shuttle’.
The shuttles have
‘on-board energy’ by the use of capacitors. This  ensures that the
shuttles can operate autonomously, without the need for power rails in
the aisles. The Microshuttle system uses wireless communication.
Scalability and flexibility
Microshuttle system can grow with the business and throughput of the
customer. For example a system with 12 levels can start with 2 shuttles,
keeping the initial investment low. As throughput requirements
increase, shuttles can be added individually until the maximum lift
capacity is reached.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient
the development of the QUICKSTORE Microshuttle a lot of attention was
paid to minimising weight.  Design target was a lightweight,
energy-efficient and especially cost-effective system. Energy-efficient
operation is ensured by always using the optimum combination of motor
performance, acceleration and speed.
High accessibility and availability
accessibility and availability are two other benefits of a QUICKSTORE
Microshuttle system. Each location in the racking can always be reached
manually because of the platforms in the racking with a distance of 2.5
meters each. If a shuttle needs service, it can easily be removed from
the system while the other shuttles can take over the storage and
retrieval, creating a highly redundant system with high availability.
Part of the QUICKSTORE range of miniloads, shuttles and load handling devices
QUICKSTORE Microshuttle is part of the Vanderlande QUICKSTORE range of
miniloads, shuttles and load-handling devices. Vanderlande Industries
has implemented automated storage and retrieval systems
for more than
300 well known companies. The broad QUICKSTORE range always ensures the
optimum storage solution for specific logistics challenges.
Vanderlande Industries profile
Industries specialises in designing and building intelligent IT-driven
material handling systems and related services, which cover the entire
warehouse process, from Goods Receiving to Shipping. The company has
successfully automated more than 1,000 warehouses and distribution
centres worldwide. Solutions include order picking/order fulfilment
systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), sortation
systems, conveyor systems/internal transport systems and Warehouse
Management and Control Systems (WMS/WCS).
More information
more about the advantages of the QUICKSTORE Microshuttle at Vanderlande
Industries at LogiMAT 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany, Hall 1 (booth 711) or
on our website



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