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Edinburgh and Glasgow’s worst roads named and shamed by Eagle Couriers

The worst roads in Edinburgh and Glasgow have been named and shamed by Eagle Couriers, which says it is spending £24,000 a year repairing damage to its vehicles caused by potholes.

West Port, Charlotte Square and the Western Approach Road have been named by delivery drivers at Eagle Couriers as having some of the worst potholes and broken tarmac in Edinburgh.

In Glasgow, the worst roads for potholes and broken tarmac in the city have been named by the drivers as Govan Road, Hardgate Road and Byres Road.

Drivers at the firm, which is Scotland’s largest independent courier, warns the main problem is that poor repairs are being carried out on existing potholes, which simply makes the problem worse.

And they also warn that if the road resurfacing on Edinburgh’s new tram lines is not done to a sufficient standard, there will be even more problems for drivers in the future.

Eagle Couriers estimates the poor state of the roads is costing an additional £300 per vehicle, to replace tyres, springs and shock absorbers – a total of £24,000 a year for its 80 drivers.

Drivers are out on the roads 24/7 delivering to its 3500 strong client base. It has 30 years experience on Scotland’s roads yet says they are in their worst-ever state.

Jerry Stewart, Director at Eagle Couriers said: “The biggest problem is that there are repairs being done that are substandard.

“Potholes are being filled poorly. Often all that has been done is a bag of tarmac with some resin is poured into the hole, and a couple of dunts with a hammer or so-called levelling tool and there we have it. We’re left with something resembling a patchwork quilt the height of a Munro. Then when it rains we’re back to square one.

“This causes problems for vehicles which need new springs, shock absorbers and tyres. Often steering wheels get put out of alignment and they have to go back to the garage for adjustment. It all adds up to about £300 extra a year per vehicle.”

The worst roads in Edinburgh include West Port, between the traffic lights at Lady Lawson Street to the Grassmarket, which is littered with pot holes and loose, rutted surfaces.

Westfield Road has problems with its road surfacing despite being relaid twice in recent months.

And there are problems with utility covers on Charlotte Square, Sir Harry Lauder Road, Walker Street North and the Calder Road.

The worst road its drivers have experienced in Glasgow is Hardgate Road, running parallel with the Southern General Hospital which has potholes over 5ft long.

The other top ten worst roads are parts of the A8, Crow Road, Renfrew Road, Byres Road, Dumbarton Road at Clydebank, Fulton Street, Bearsden Switchback, Govan Road and Great Western Road.

Established in 1985 Eagle Couriers has almost 30 years experience in the safe and quick logistics services to organisations across the private, public and third sectors, as well as working directly with consumers.

In total, they provide services to over 3,500 clients, utilising vehicles from their 100 vehicle fleet ensuring clients’ packages arrive on time and intact.

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