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Highest Benelux deep-freeze warehouse approaches completion

Egemin Automation has completed the hoisting of the 8 pallet cranes in the new warehouse at Agristo BV. This brings the completion of the highest warehouse in the Benelux area closer. In potato producer Agristo’s new deep-freeze warehouse in Tilburg the heavy 23 tonne cranes were assembled in the warehouse at a height of 80 metres. The hoisting operations at this height demanded a great deal of precision work because of the windy conditions.

The stacker cranes will provide for the storage of frozen chips on 25,600 euro pallets at -25°C. The roof and wall slabs are currently being attached to the warehouse racking and the front zone of the warehouse is being fitted out. Next, Egemin will then bring the cranes into service in stages. The warehouse has to be operational towards the end of this year.

Egemin designed the warehouse for Agristo for peak capacities of 100 pallets in and 240 pallets out per hour. The warehouse has a silo structure and has been specially designed for sustainable energy use. The roof and wall insulation is 2 cm thicker than is standard with other deep-freeze warehouses. The eight pallet cranes are also provided with an energy recuperation system. The energy released during the lowering and braking movements of the crane is fed back to the electrical network and is passed on to the other consumers on the Agristo site. The energy savings are double, as the stacker cranes produce less heat in the deepfreeze warehouse thanks to this technique. As a consequence, less cooling is required in the warehouse.

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