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FairFuel UK urges hauliers to join Parliamentary rally

  • 22 February 2012
  • By Laura Hailstone

FairFuelUK (FFUK) is calling on hauliers to support National FairFuel Day on 7 March and press the government for a cut in fuel duty in next month’s Budget.

FFUK is urging as many hauliers as possible to meet outside the House of Commons at 1pm on the day for a mass lobby of Parliament. In small groups, the police will allow entry to Parliament and the right to see your MP will be excercised.

“We currently have 245 registered attendees but need at least 1,000 to create an impact,” says FFUK head of communications Howard Cox. “In this time of austerity, it’s vital that MPs recognise the crippling effect that high duty levels are causing to your businesses.

“The more operators who mass-lobby Parliament, the more likely MPs will be to put pressure on the Treasury to lower fuel duty.”

FFUK has seen off rises that would have put another 9ppl on the cost of fuel since its launch a year ago, but says prices remain  too high.

The campaign’s official backers – FTA, RHA, the Fuelcard Company and the RAC – have commissioned a study into whether the UK economy would benefit from a significant cut in fuel duty.

It is believed the findings will strongly support that a cut would stimulate the economy and FFUK plans to release the findings on National FairFuel Day.

To register your attendance on 7 March, go to:


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