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Hermes to pilot evening delivery service

  • 11 November 2011
  • By Steve Hobson

Home delivery specialist Hermes is planning to start piloting an evening service in spring 2012, with delivery between 6pm and 10pm on weekdays and 6pm till 9pm on Saturday within the M25.

According to research commissioned by Hermes, online shoppers are increasingly buying either in the evening or at weekends, with Saturday by far the most popular day, and are starting to demand weekend and evening deliveries to match the times they are at home to receive their parcels.

 “Over 93% of people in full time employment would find evening deliveries very or quite appealing,” says Hermes commercial director Jon Tobbell. “The consumer is screaming for this service and if it is something we collectively can do it will boost online shopping. The challenge is getting it at the right cost for the consumer because they are not prepared to pay a lot more for evening deliveries.”

“We will see how the trial goes,” says Tobbell. “A lot of people have tried evening deliveries and volumes aren’t great. It is something people say they want so we have to trial it but we have to make the economics work. If it was the same price as day time delivery it would go like a bomb, but it will cost us extra and we don’t know how we are going to price it yet.”

 The trial might involve a slightly different group of couriers than Hermes’ traditional small army of working mothers.

“The courier model is changing and we are getting more people who take it more seriously,” says Tobbell. “We still have many couriers who do a fantastic job for us but are tied to school hours and they wouldn’t want to do evenings. But a more professional courier would be happy to work whatever hours were required if the money is right.”


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