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Diabetes awareness campaign launched for drivers

  • 21 November 2011
  • By Chris Druce

An education campaign has been launched to boost awareness around type-2 diabetes, so that professional drivers can seek help to effectively manage their condition.

Are You Running on Empty? Is an educational campaign being run in collaboration with Diabetes Nursing Group, TREND, the AA and MSD Diabetes.

It aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) so that where appropriate people can get help to successfully manage their condition.

It comes after the government introduced new rules allowing those with insulin treated diabetes (type-one) to apply for an HGV licence.

While information is routinely given on how to manage blood sugar levels to type-one sufferers, those at risk of type-two diabetes, which can be age or weight related, are not currently supported and often reluctant to ask.

Debbie Hicks, diabetes specialist nurse and co-chair of TREND, says: “This means that people are much less likely to talk to their doctor about hypoglycaemia for fear of losing their licence and so do not always appreciate that is it, in fact, a very manageable treatment side effect and not something that has to be suffered in silence.




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