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Weigh module systems handbook and online webinar

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Weigh module systems handbook and online webinar

February 08, 2012  

Take advantage of two great resources designed to make the implementation of weigh modules in large weighing systems easy and error-free.

Mettler Toledo has created a comprehensive handbook and an online seminar which detail the fundamentals of designing, building and installing customised solutions.

Covering the application of load cells and weigh modules for tanks, silos, vessels, hoppers or conveyor weighing systems, these are both free to access.

The Weigh Module Systems Handbook offers practical guidelines for engineers, designers and service personnel to avoid common errors. It covers the critical phases you should consider to achieve the required accuracy level in your process. These include design calculations, thermal effects, piping connections, designing of support structures and calibration. 

With more than 150 pages it provides a complete library of information regarding the application and use of load cells and weigh modules.

In support of this document an online webinar is accessible on the Mettler Toledo website. This offers an additional opportunity to develop a greater understanding of implementing tank, silo and vessel weighing systems. Available on-demand, the session can be viewed at your convenience.
Mettler Toledo has a global presence in consulting, providing and installing tank, silo, vessel, hopper and conveyor weighing systems. It offers a comprehensive range of weigh modules, weight transmitters and terminals in various versions suitable for use in dry, wet or hazardous environments.



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