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Economy pallet trucks to coincide with weak economy

Many industrial companies are finding it difficult to maintain large equipment budgets in the wake of yet more cuts to the economy in George Osborne’s recent Spending Review. As a result, factories and warehouses across the country are turning to so-called ‘economy’ option when buying their equipment, in order to boost the economy of their own business.

Hand pallet trucks under around £150 are considered to be the economy option, but being on the market for such a price does not necessarily mean that they compromise on quality. They are fully able to perform the tasks of manual handling equipment at the higher end of the market, except they often have less capacity or less extra features. Phil Chesworth, of pallet truck experts Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “Budget options are often all a business can afford, but the word ‘budget’ does not necessarily mean poor quality. Often, the budget options simply do not have extensive features like the more expensive trucks. Our budget ranges sell extremely well, and our most popular pallet truck is at the economy end of the price scale.”

The popular truck in question is a budget hand pallet truck from Midland Pallet Trucks; a DFE20 model which weighs just 60kg for easy movement. The forks are the perfect size to accommodate euro pallets and the standard economy pallet truck can be operated by anyone, without any specialist training or qualifications. These trucks are incredibly popular, not just because of their price, but also because of the features they possess; a top-quality hydraulic pump and a 3-position control level allows the operator fingertip control of the entire hydraulic system, which makes this truck an incredibly safe and secure option for all employees to use. The slow lowering control valve also allows operators to have a great measure of power over how fast the truck descends. This lightweight and functional truck is available for just under £150, making it one of the most cost-effective pallet truck choices for the businesses hit by budget cuts recently.

The DF168 lightweight hand pallet truck weighs in at just 50kg but can transport loads of up to 1680kg, making this one of the most efficient trucks on the market. Priced less than £150, business owners might be forgiven for thinking this truck would last them for a year before falling apart, but the durable and robust construction of the truck, and the high-quality materials that make up its frame, are of a superb standard and can last for many years with the proper maintenance. Compatible with popular euro pallets and requiring no external qualifications to operate, this pallet truck should be high on the shopping list of any businesses on a budget.

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