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‘Plug and play’ system brings immediate returns

RediTechniX, a member of the RediGroup group of companies, has introduced a ‘plug and go’ pallet buffer and sequencer module to its award winning RediLogX automated pallet storage and retrieval system.

The new system has been designed to reduce on site handling costs and increase speed of pallet throughput.

Unique to the UK, the system controls the storage and retrieval of pallets within manual, semi-automated or fully automated storage environments.

In simple terms, the RediTechniX sequencer and buffer allows picked or assembled pallets to be held over multiple levels within the storage cube to maximize the capacity of the warehouse or distribution centre’s (DC) marshaling area. The sequencer sorts the completed pick into load order and delivers the goods to the correct bay at ground floor level.

The system deals equally well with palletised, boxed or roll caged products and, because it is modular, pallet capacity can be scaled to suit a user’s individual requirements.

The system offers a host of cost benefits.

For example it reduces the need for materials handling equipment and on site staff because handling equipment is not required to feed pallets in to or retrieve pallets from the system – everything is handled by the operator at ground level. Furthermore, because the sequencer reduces sort time, an operator is free to load multiple trailers over multiple loading bays.

Because the sequencer uses the whole of the storage cube, less warehouse floor space has to be dedicated to marshaling and pick and drop areas. In turn, this means that more space can be dedicated to storage and other more profitable activities within the warehouse or DC.

Using the sequencer and buffer module, pallet throughput is speeded up significantly as the speed at which operatives can load goods into waiting trailers is notably quicker when compared to conventional storage systems.

In fact, tests have shown that, in a typical application, it takes less than half the time normally required to load 26 pallets when using the new system. The system sorts and delivers the pallets to the dock which cuts vehicle turnaround time and increases the number of loads that can be processed by each dock every hour.

Importantly, the software required to run the RediTechniX pallet buffer and sequencer is easily configurable and can interface with any Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Tony King, RediTechniX commercial manager, comments: “Thanks to its ‘plug and play’ simplicity the RediTechniX pallet buffer and sequencer allows users to start reducing their costs and achieving throughput efficiencies straight away.

“We believe the system increases margins, reduces operating costs and delivers greater return on investment than any comparable system,” he adds.


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