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Northamptonshire hauliers sentenced to 11 years for manslaughter

  • 05 July 2013
  • By Chris Tindall

Two men that ran a Northamptonshire haulage firm and were found guilty of manslaughter after one of their drivers fell asleep at the wheel have received 11 year prison sentences.

Adrian John McMurray, 54, and his son Adrian Paul McMurray, 36, were convicted in May of the killing of Stephen Kenyon, who was crushed to death when his LGV ploughed into a line of stationary traffic on the M1 in February 2010.

A jury at St Albans Crown Court was told it was “an accident waiting to happen” as Kenyon, 35 and a father of four, had been working at Daventry-based AJ Haulage for more than 19 hours and driving for over 13 of those in an attempt to clear his debts (CM 6 June).

The McMurrays also pleaded guilty to revenue offences, having failed to pay tax on income totalling more than £5 million.
McMurray senior received four years for manslaughter and three years for tax fraud and McMurray junior received two and a half years for manslaughter and 18 months for tax fraud.

Andrew Biker, a specialist lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service, said the two men “failed abjectly in their duty of care to their employees, and it was this gross negligence that resulted in the tragic death of one of their haulage drivers.

“Through the utterly reckless management of their haulage firm, the McMurrays showed consistent disregard for the health and safety of their employees and the wider public.

“This negligent approach to the running of their business was further demonstrated when they failed to pay tax on more than £5 million worth of income over a four year period.”

“I extend my condolences to the family of Mr. Kenyon,” he added.


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